Tuesday, December 1st Christmas Concert!!

Great rehearsal on Tuesday. It should be a wonderful concert next week!! You still have time to help us promote our performance by getting together in small ensembles and performing in public forums. If you don’t have a poster to take with you, feel free to download if from Facebook, our website or the email I sent you. Failing all those options, email me and I’ll send you another copy.

Concert Details

We’ve confirmed that we have access to Beatrice Desloges HS (BD) from 5:00 – 10:00 pm. This gives us an additional hour at the front end to ensure we’re set up to our satisfaction. Please be on stage warmed up and ready to play no later than 6:40 so we can tune and Lisa can run through a couple of pieces with us.

Doors will open to the public at 7:00 pm. Immediately following the concert, please stick around to help clear the stage, return our chairs and music stands to the music room next door and under Charlie’s direction, reset up the music room for a class at 8:00 the next morning. We have been graciously provided the music room equipment and auditorium free of charge! If the concert goes well I would like to make use of this facility again so please pitch in to help us return the facilities to it’s original condition or better before we leave. Charlie has asked for additional staff to be ready for us at Broadways following the concert. Feel free to bring your family and friends for a quick quaff of ale or hot chocolate before heading home!

Please remember to pass on to your friends and family planning on attending the concert to bring a non-perishable food item for our food drive. In order to promote our love of music and increase awareness, we’ve sent out email invitations to local municipal and school council members to attend at no cost. We’ve provided several complimentary tickets to both Lisa and Fadi for deserving members of St Peter’s and St Matt’s Concert bands. We still have plenty of tickets left. We keep the price low to try and ensure we allow as many to attend as we can. Don’t be shy to gift tickets to local merchants or colleagues as a small gesture of appreciation or Christmas cheer. You can contact either Cindy (cindykshaheen@gmail.com) or myself if you’d like additional tickets in advance of our concert. We will be selling tickets at the door prior to the concert. Finally for those whose friends or family take pictures or videos of us during the evening, please save some of these to a memory stick or send them to me afterwards for our band website and FaceBook.

École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges, 1999 av. Provence, Orleans

Band shirts, black pants and shoes

5:00 pm Access to School
6:40 Ready to play on Stage
7:00 Doors open to public
8:30 Concert ends
9:00 Christmas Cheer at Broadways

Music order for and Dec 1st Concert:

424 – Fanfare and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
425 – Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
281 – A Christmas Festival
272 – March Op. 99
429 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
239 – A Night In December
333 – We Need A Little Christmas
369 – Bright Lights On Broadway
386 – Mamma Mia
134 – Beatles Gold
426 – Carol Of The Bells
269 – The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
398 – Christmas “Pop” Sing-A-Long

Upcoming Commitments:

Dec 1st – Christmas Concert, Beatrice Desloges HS
Dec 8th – Seniors Concert Chapel Hill, ½ Band
Dec 15th – Seniors Concert The Palisades, ½ Band

Additional Music for Seniors Homes:

118 – Sleigh Ride
137 – Hootenanny
278 – Ol’ Blue Eyes
306 – Tony Bennett Unplugged

We will be wearing our band shirts and black pants and shoes for all of these events. Seniors concerts will be half band. Section Leaders to decide which members attend which seniors performance.