About Us

The Gloucester Community Concert Band has been making music, having fun, and building friendships in east-end Ottawa for the last 30 years. We are a non-profit registered charitable organization devoted to sharing our love of music with the community. We fulfill our mission of community involvement by performing at local events, parades, and festivals. We also appreciate the opportunity to perform in local retirement residences and seniors’ homes. Finally, we are committed to mentoring the youth of our community – partnering a few times a year with area school bands for both concert and practice opportunities. Two highlights of our year are our annual Christmas and Spring Concerts, but the band is always looking for fresh new challenges and opportunities to make music!

Making Music with the GCCB

Very focused on fun, the GCCB plays a wide variety of musical genres and styles. With a vibrant library that includes big band swing, contemporary concert band pieces, traditional classics, Broadway tunes, and seasonal favourites, there is something for people of all tastes, ages, and abilities.

Rehearsals are welcoming and social. Our schedule typically divides into the fall season, culminating in Christmas concerts in December, followed by a winter season that leads up to our much anticipated Spring Concert. Following that, the band enjoys the opportunity to visit as many seniors’ homes as can accommodate us from April to June.

About the Conductor

Fadi Diab has been conducting concert bands for 30 years. He first started conducting the GCCB full time in 2011, later sharing the duty with Lisa Concessi Maclean until June 2018. He enjoys writing music and has released 6 albums, his most recent a collaboration with his son entitled Just Cellin’. Recently retired, Fadi takes pleasure in traveling with his four children and wife Monique.