Risk of Freezing Rain Tuesday Afternoon


I’ve provided a link below to Environment Canada’s “Special weather statement” forecasting possible freezing rain for tomorrow afternoon.


Lisa and I will make a decision at 2 pm as to whether or not we cancel our evening concert plans due to road conditions. **If we cancel,** we are discussing the possibility of rescheduling our concert for one week from now, Dec 8th at the same time and same location. We have not made any calls to the school to confirm if this is even possible. We will start down that path as required.

Please check your email tomorrow around 3 pm to see if our concert has been cancelled. If we make this decision I will send out a band wide email, announce it on FaceBook and Twitter “#GloucesterBand” and, ask the Section Leaders to call their sections. If we have to make the decision to cancel, please be prepared to also pass the word to your family and friends who have bought tickets or made plans to attend. I will also ask the Executive to help me by asking local radio stations to announce our cancellation over the air. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Hoping to see you all tomorrow evening!!