Music for Sept 22nd and Announcements

I hope you’ve all had a great week and enjoyed these dog days of summer!! We will not be performing for Capital Velo Fest on Sept 25th as initially announced. Over the summer we were approached by a few agencies to see if we could perform in the month of September. We decided against one option as it was just too early in our season. In the case of Velo Fest we decided that the uncertainty of location, audience size and possible lack of lighting (even with stand lights) were all working against us. We may take another look at this fest next year if approached in the Spring before we shut down for the summer.

A reminder to all that we hold a very informal Beer After Band (BAB) each week immediately following our rehearsals at Broadways on the corner of Innes and Portobello. A portion of our weekly tab is given back to us as credit towards appetizers at our band socials held during the year. Please feel free to come help contribute to our credit and meet some of our members that may not be in your section. We will be holding our first band social at Broadways at 8:30 pm on Oct 6th immediately following Lisa’s Bandathon. Please mark this on your calendar and help us welcome our new members to the band!!

As mentioned on Tuesday, Lisa is selling Entertainment Books for $35.

Although I didn’t send out last week’s email until last Friday I was very surprised and disappointed to see how many had actually taken the time to watch the YouTube video on breathing exercises. In the survey responses from last year, several people identified and requested additional technical content during our rehearsals. In response to our feedback Lisa identified this video and I placed a link to it both in my email and on our band webpage. If done properly and often, these exercises will improve both our sound and intonation. Please make the time to watch the video at least once.

Here are the pieces and link to the video for next Tuesday’s rehearsal:

134 Beatles Gold
272 March Op99
137 Hootenanay
386 Mamma Mia
152 Amparito Roca
36 Second suite in F
369 Bright Lights on Broadway

Here is another link to the Breathing Exercises video on YouTube:

Have a great weekend!