Announcements and Music Selection for October 6th, 13th.

Happy TGIF to all!

It was a great rehearsal this week. Thank you to all for your efforts and for helping welcome our new member Caroline to our family! From what I saw and seeing her picture painted on our band room wall, I suspect she has more friends in the band than I do!

Please remember that rehearsal next week on Sept 29th is cancelled due to parent, teacher interviews being held at St Pete’s HS. Oct 6th 7-8 pm will be Bandathon. Lisa’s Bandathon is an opportunity for younger players to be inspired by those who are hopefully more experienced and better players than them. She starts with a combined Junior / Senior Band rehearsal and then hosts a Senior Band / GCCB rehearsal. As it’s the beginning of the year, in many cases the four pieces that we will rehearse has only been practiced and played by the Senior Band players a couple of times. Our joint practice provides these HS students a real jump-start on their season and in many cases, inspires them to continue playing after they graduate. Just take a look around at how many St Pete’s graduates we have in our band to see the potential impact of a once a year, joint one hour Senior Band / GCCB practice. Please be ready to rehearse with Lisa’s Senior Band in St Pete’s Café / Auditorium starting at 7:00 pm. Practice will end around 8:00 followed by our Fall Social at Broadway’s on Innes and Portobello. This Fall Social is our opportunity to mix, mingle and meet some of the other members of our band that we see each week but have never had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to or talk with. It is also an ideal opportunity to help welcome the new members to our family and make them feel welcome; not scare them away Tommy, Steve, Rahim!! We will take our annual photo later in the year when the new members have had a better opportunity to order their shirts and when several of our senior members are back with us.

For those interested, Mike will be organizing our participation in Christmas parades on Nov 21st and 28th. Please be sure to contact him if you are interested or have any questions.

Cindy, Jacquie and I invested over an hour at the TD Bank on Tuesday establishing a new band bank account. We’ve had several difficulties over the past two years with our original bank changing over signature authorities and with lost paperwork on their part; Cindy and I each had to go in several times for them to get our signatures on file. Over the next two months we will be transitioning our financial activities from one account to the other. Additional details will be discussed and briefed at our next Executive Meeting. Please feel free to contact Jacquie, Cindy or I if you have any questions or concerns.

I will be on holidays travelling in the States until Oct 16th. If you have any band questions or concerns during my absence please feel free to contact our Vice President Cindy ( She will have access to our band email account and managing our announcements while I am away.

Music for Bandathon, Oct 6th:

386 – Mamma Mia
137 – Hootenanny
310 – Star Trek
324 – In All it’s Glory

Scale for Oct 13th Rehearsal:

Superior Band book – Week 4 Scale; Concert C Harmonic Minor.
Please remember to continue practicing your breathing exercises. I’ve been told that Don Renshaw, the lead trombonist for the NAC Orchestra heard about the link that Lisa forwarded to us. He has viewed the video several times and is now practicing some of these breathing exercises as part of his daily regiment!

Have a great Bandathon and Social!!