Music for April 5th and Announcements

On behalf of the band I’d like to congratulate Art on his final retirement!! I’d also like to say thank you for the round of drinks he treated us to at BAB this past Tuesday. Thank you – it was very kind and generous of you!!

We now have a small ensemble from the GCCB that will perform at the Grand Opening of the BFM Thrift Store on 10th Line from 1 – 2 pm on Tues, Apr 5th. Please come on out and join us if you are free and in the area. We are using the opportunity to discretely sell our Spring Concert tickets so a couple of extra band members wearing our band shirts and hawking our tickets would be appreciated.

Tickets for our Spring Concert are now available from any member of your Executive. All of you are asked to sell at least two tickets to ensure we cover our costs for using the Community Pentecostal Church; $10 / adults, $5 children 2-12. Please see Anna, Cindy, Jacquie or I during breaks or before or after our rehearsals. We will be collecting for the Food Band and are also looking for door prizes to give away. Please let us know as soon as possible if you can offer something to our effort.

Please see or email Anna ( if you haven’t double-checked the spelling of your name on the list she’s been passing around for our Spring Concert.

Last Rehearsal to Review Seniors Homes Pieces Before Spring Concert:

369 – Bright Lights On Broadway
461 – Crooners’s Serenade
134 – Beatles Gold;
278 – Ol’ Blue Eyes;
386 – Selections From Mamma Mia!
336 – Funiculi, Funicula;
330 – Midway March; and
380 – Tijuana Brass in Concert

Spring Concert Pieces:

M5 – Star Wars;
481 – Summer in Central Park (rhythm at 84 is muddy);
479 – La Primitiva

Have a great weekend!!