Music for April 27th, 28th and Announcements


What a great rehearsal last night!  What a difference a choir makes; both their sound and how we play!  A huge thank you to both Charlie and Joanne for a very successful social at Broadways after our practice.  I didn’t think of it till just now but I should have taken some pics for our webpage.  If anyone took any, please send me a copy and I will try to have them posted.

Next week’s rehearsal is cancelled so you all have a week off!  Before you pack your instruments away, please remember that the following week we will have a rehearsal on both Monday and Tuesday:

Apr 27 – 6:00 downbeat with the choir at St Matthew HS.  Please note the earlier start time.  Fadi would like a little extra time to work with the choir, please see his comments below; and

Apr 28 – 7:15 downbeat full rehearsal at St Peter’s to run through our complete Spring Concert Program

As these will be our final practices before our Spring Concert, Lisa has requested: “At this point in time, band members should be practicing our entire set list in its order. Focus on dynamics and musicality.  Soloists should practice their parts standing up.”

Fadi’s comments:

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for all of your efforts at yesterday's rehearsal.  You played very well and were very accomodating… even playing softer in parts that called for you to play louder.  Thank you!  We still have some things to iron out and I will make every effort to do so.  Thank you for the tear down of equipment too.  Much appreciated.

I am kindly asking to extend our rehearsal on Monday April 20th.  I felt that we could have used a little more time last night.  Here is the schedule I am proposing.  The choir has agreed to be here at 6PM.

6PM Furaha with large choir

6:30 -7:30 Power of the Dream and Afrika

7:30-8:00 Alleluia

8:00 – 8:15 BREAK

8:15-9:15 Run through our show (focus on Classical Gas and Air at beginning).

Music order / conductors for our Spring Concert will be:

LISA 1.          Bayou Breakdown                                                                  

LISA 2.          Harlem Nocturne.       

FADI 3.          Air                                  

LISA. 4.          Flower Duet

LISA. 5.          Trombone Rag

FADI 6.           Nessun Dorma                                                                        

FADI 7.           Classical Gas                                                                         

LISA  8.           Communion  

LISA 9.           Ayres of Agincourt                                                              


FADI 1.          Furaha Na Upendo.                                                                 

FADI 2.          Alleluia.                                                                                     

FADI 3.           Power of the Dream.                                                                  

FADI 4.          Dry Your Tears 

Tickets for our concert are going fast.  As of yesterday Shenkman had 150 tickets left.  This does not take into account what the second OCSB Children’s Choir would like.  If you would like additional tickets for your friends or family above the two we have allotted you please email Cindy ( before Friday so she can order them and have them for you at our practices on the 27th, 28th

Have a great week off –  see you on the 27th!!