Music and Details for Concert in the Park – June 7th

June 7th – Concert at Jacques Cartier Park. Downbeat at 1 pm. Please wear your band shirts and black bottoms, socks and shoes and bring your music stands *and* a chair. Weather cancellation decision will be made at 10 AM. If cancelled I will send an email to all, then call all Section Leaders for them to call all their members. I will also post the cancellation on Facebook and our website. Patti, the organizer for these concerts has provide the following info for parking:
“The city parking lot is quite near the terrace (10 or 20 paces) where the band is performing. You are able to stop here and unload. There is free parking at the other side of the park and it is about a 5 min walk back to the terrace. All the band members have this option to unload and then park their cars on the other side of the park.”
For more info please go to

We will have the honour of having both Lisa and Fadi conducting Sunday; our last performance for this season! For those new to our seniors home pieces or who will be refamiliarizing themselves with some of the tougher phrases, this means that in addition to the set list that we performed for the past two weeks, we will also include:

125 O Canada
128 Colonel Bogey
468 Pop Culture;
467 Rock, Roll and Remember; and
477 The British Invasion; Hits of the 60’s.

Previous Set List:

330 Midway March
380 Tijuana Brass In Concert
44 Harlem Nocturne
278 Ol’ Blue Eyes
474 Communion
Classical Gas
65 Trombone Rag
461 Crooner’s Serenade
344 Homefront
336 Funiculi Funicula
372 Ayres Of Agincourt

Please note that the music order has yet to be finalized. As it becomes available I will forward it on to you. Weather forecast is looking good – hope to see you all on Sunday!!