First Rehearsal – Sept 5th

Happy Long Weekend TGIF!!

Although this should not impact most of you I wanted to give you a heads up on a new process that St Petes is implementing. Yesterday I received the enclosed message regarding accessing the school after hours.

We have installed door access keypads at a dedicated entrance in our schools to improve overall safety and access for our permit holders.
This code is programmed to operate on the day of your activity, and will allow access 15 minutes prior to your scheduled usage.
The code is not to be shared and is only operational on the day of the permit (ie: if you group is in on Monday and Wednesday you will have a code for Monday and a second code for Wednesday).
to unlock press – (see email)

I am not sure what the impact of this new process will have on us. I usually arrive on Tuesdays around 6:15 and park out front (front doors used to be unlocked) so I can find a custodian to unlock our bandroom for 6:30. Most Tuesdays this is a very straight forward. There have been a few occasions where Ive had to go searching for a custodian. Our permit timing is 7 9:30. This means that the new code will unlock the dedicated entrance at 6:45. At this point we will need to find a custodian to unlock our band room.

For our upcoming rehearsal on Tuesday, please be patient and bring your sense of humor with you. We will do our best to minimize any delays and sort out what the best way forward is.

We will be sight reading several new pieces next week so please make sure you pull out your instruments and warm up your chops at least a few times this weekend! As most of you are aware, Lisa has tried a new layout for her band room. The back row Tuba, Trombone, Trumpets (TTT) row will now be dedicated to the percussion section. This means everyone will push forward one row; TTT will now be in 3rd row. We are maxed out for space in our band room. As Ive mentioned before there are a few things that we as individuals can do to help minimize our frustrations. If you know you will be late for rehearsal please bring your own music stand. If you have an instrument case or backpack/purse that does not fit under your seat, please make sure you store it behind the filing cabinet or in the corner storage room. Our librarian needs to get around the room during rehearsal and it becomes a safety issue if shes continually climbing over or around our stuff.

Looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces Tuesday! Have a great Long Weekend!!