Bandathon, Christmas Concert Date

Happy TGIF!!

A special shout out and thank you to Cindy for taking over the reins of our band in my two-week absence. Got back late last night and need to find my trombone to get my chops back in shape. Bandathon is Tuesday starting at 7 pm sharp. We only have an hour with the St Pete’s Senior Concert Band so please make an effort to be seated, warmed up and ready to go in the Gym / Cafetorium no later than 7! Please pitch in to help take equipment back to the bandroom once were done. Our one hour practice will be followed by our Fall Social at Broadways located on the corner of Innes and Portobello. Come on out to put a name on some of the faces of people you’ve seen at rehearsal but have never met and to help us welcome our new members! Thank you to Charlie, our Social Rep for organizing this social.

We now have a confirmed date of Tuesday, Dec 1st for our Christmas Concert. Thanks to Genevieve’s great work we have been confirmed for Beatrice Desloges High School. As we are a registered Charity and Genevieve is an Alumni, Beatrice is not charging us!! Well-done Genevieve!! We need volunteers to work with Cindy to plan, organize and run these concerts. We will once again be advertising a Food Drive for the local food bank along with our concert. Please contact Cindy as soon as possible if you’d like to lend a hand in any capacity.

Music for our Bandathon:

137 – Hootenanny
310 – Star Trek
324 – In All it’s Glory
386 – Mamma Mia

Bb scale as a warm up

Have a great weekend and see you Tuesday!!