Announcements and Music Order for Jan 31st

Another great rehearsal last night. I don’t know about you but my chops were done by the end of practice. I need to put some work in on my endurance. I didn’t take my tbone with me when we were travelling over Christmas and I’m paying for it now!

A reminder that our next band Executive Meeting is planned for Feb 2nd. If you would like to attend or have any items or concerns you would like your Executive to address, please let us know at least one week prior to our meeting.

Upcoming dates of interest:

Feb 14th – Regular rehearsal; based on survey taken last night
Feb 28th – Shortened Sectional Rehearsal, Social at Broadways
Jun 4th – Spring Concert (new)
Jun 8th – Concert in Park, Navan

Music Order and areas to work on for Jan 31st:

347 – Swing’s The Thing
Trumpets from 60-71. Continue to work on the first 2 songs only

460 – Into the Joy of Spring by James Swearingen
Movement I articulation. Mvt II Molasses air support throughout phrases

493 – John William Swings arr Jay Bocook
Beginning – 74

494 – Rush by Samuel Hazo
Practice slowly. Keep eighth note pulse even in 7/8 5/8 areas

492 – LOL by Robert Buckley
Beginning – 96. 61-77 Wood Winds

276 – Parade of the Tall Ships by Jay Chattaway

421 – Earth Wind and Fire Dance Mix arr Richard Saucedo

491 – Tribute to Marvin Hamlich arr Michael Brown
continue to practice all. Drilled entire piece

136 – One Finger Polka by Harold Walters
Dynamics and tempo increase on the Da Capo

Have a great week!