Announcements and Music for Sep 20th

On behalf of our band I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new alto sax player, Jamie and new percussionist, Chelsea! I know both of you are an excellent addition to our crazy family. As a retired music teacher who is also helping out our Jazz Band, Luc, will be helping our trombone section with our new pieces until he gets cold and returns to Florida for the winter. Please help me make these new members feel welcome!

A reminder that if you don’t already have plans for Sat morning, some of us are playing in the Jazz Band that performed at Dave’s BBQ in July. We will be on the main Army Run stage at City Hall Sat at 10:00 am. Come on our and enjoy some good Big Band and Jazz tunes while working up an appetite for the Ribfest that’s hitting Orleans tomorrow!

As I mentioned on Tuesday we will be holding an Executive Meeting next Wednesday evening. I’ve attached a copy of our planned agenda. If you would like to attend or add something to our agenda, please let me know before the end of the day Monday so we can plan accordingly. I’ve also attached a copy of our band inventory list that we compiled in February. Members keep mentioning equipment and instruments that we “used to” own. As I mentioned last February, if you know of a GCCB instrument that isn’t on our list and know it’s location please let us know so we can locate it and add it to our inventory. Both for accountability and insurance purposes I want to make sure we know what we own and where it’s located. On Oct 25th, this list will be formally presented at our AGM for our membership to accept as our official inventory. Please feel free to raise any concerns or questions you may have prior to then so that they may be addressed prior to putting this to a vote.

The following is the list of music in the order we rehearsed on Tuesday. I’ve also included the links to where you can listen to it. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our new charts and as Fadi said “Go Watch The Jungle Book!!”

482 – Walking to the Sky

484 – Bright Sunny Days

486 – O Christmas Tree

483 – The Labyrinth

489 – In tantum lux

488 – The Bare Necessities

487 – Dreams of Fireflies

485 – Speak To Me

Have a great weekend!