Announcements and Music for Road Show and Nov 15th


We have confirmed that École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges (EBD) is available at a reasonable price for both the evenings of Dec 4th and 6th. Our one last constraint is confirming the availability of the mandatory sound technician we have to use. We should have this feedback shortly. His availability will drive the date of our concert.

We will be wearing our band shirts and black pants for this concert. If anyone still requires a shirt please see Carol Ann as soon as possible so she can order them in time for our performance.

I will be circulating a Band list at next week’s rehearsal. Once we confirm the date we will be performing I will add it to the top of the list. Please ensure you confirm the spelling of your name for our concert programs and your availability for the concert on the sheet at rehearsal; not by email. If you will not be at our next two rehearsals, please contact your Section Leader to confirm these details on your behalf.

Road Show Music:

269 It’s the Most wonderful time of the year
429 Baby, it’s Cold Outside
425 Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town
118 Sleigh ride
426 Carol of the Bells (Mannheim Steamroller)
M2 Polar Express;
486 O Christmas Tree
488 Bare Necessities
487 Dreams of Fireflies

Concert pieces:

478 – Elements Please practice Fire sections 25 – 36

482 – Walking to the Sky

484 – Bright Sunny Days

Mad Russian Christmas Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes please practice 17-31

488 – Bare Necessities

487 – Dreams of Fireflies

486 – O Christmas Tree

Ignition PLEASE TRY TO PRACTICE PLAYING AT 168 TEMPO, listen to link and try playing along with recording

Danse Bohemian

Wistful Prayer

Nearer My God to Thee

A Christmas Tale:

Have a great week!