Announcements and Music for Nov 8th

Thank you again for all of your help with Bandathon and helping achieve our AGM quorum. Pics from the Bandathon are now posted both on our FB page and website in the members only area. Minutes of our AGM along with the reports have been sent to your all and will be posted shortly.

I need to ask you all to be patient and maintain your sense of humour as we plan and organize our Fall Concert. We’ve run into another speed bump and it looks like we will be rescheduling to the evening of Tues, Dec 6th for our concert. Several of us are busy in the background working the details. Finding a suitable venue that fits our band, has good acoustics and is inexpensive can be a challenge. I want to say a very sincere “Welcome to our Executive John!”, we appreciate having you on our team!!

Good news – it looks like we have solved our Band Shirts concern and Lisa’s new music for our spring rehearsals have been ordered and arrived this week!

Dates of Interest:

Dec 6th Fall Concert
May 6 or 7th Tentative Date for Spring Concert

Music and focus areas for Nov 8th:

Ignition PLEASE TRY TO PRACTICE PLAYING AT 168 TEMPO, listen to link and try playing along with recording

486 – O Christmas Tree

478 – Elements Please practice Fire sections 25 – 36

Wistful Prayer

Mad Russian Christmas Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes please practice 17-31

484 – Bright Sunny Days

Danse Bohemian

482 – Walking to the Sky

488 – Bare Necessities

Nearer My God to Thee

A Christmas Tale:

See you all on Tuesday!