Announcements and Music for May 3nd

One week to go until our Spring Concert!! A few details to pass on:

a. We’re looking for three or four volunteers to help us sell and collect tickets at the door. Please let me know if a friend or family member is willing to help us out.

b. Claude the Custodian at St Pete’s HS finishes his shift at 4 pm the day of our concert. Please give priority to loading the trailer and returning our percussion equipment after our concert so that we don’t keep Claude late after his shift ends.

c. When you arrive at the church, please leave the parking spots closest to the entrance for our friends, family and fans. Feel free to stop at the doors if you’d like to drop off your instrument before going to park.

d. Dress for the concert will be our band shirts with black pants and black shoes. Please bring your music stand.

May 7th:

11:30 – St Pete’s HS opened for percussion pick up and loading in trailer

12:00 – Community Pentecostal Church open for trailer unloading and stage prep

12:30 – Members to arrive wearing band shirts, black pants and shoes. Bring music stands, warm up until 1300.

1:00 – tune and walk through “Joining the Band”.

1:30 – Doors open for public

2:00 – Downbeat

3:15 – End of Concert – please note that St Pete’s Custodian only works until 4 pm. It is important that we give priority to loading the trailer with our percussion equipment so that it can be back in our music room no later than 4 pm!

May 10th – No rehearsal;

May 17th – Spring Road Show rehearsal;

May 24th – Senior’s Home performance, Chapel Hill ½ Band;

May 31st – Senior’s Home performance, Portobello ½ Band;

Jun 5th – Concert in the Park, Jacques Cartier Park, 2 pm

Jun 7th – Senior’s Home performance, Governor’s Walk, Full Band;

Jun 14th – Mini AGM and Folder Night.

Music for May 2nd and Concert Order:

Fadi has asked that:

1. The 12 people playing in the Ensemble in Joining the Band learn the first few bars by heart so they feel comfortable walking to the front of the stage without looking at music; and

2. Go over some of the faster runs in Hercules to help that piece gel more.

Joining The Band;

331 – Hercules;

479 – La Primitiva

M9 – Palladio;

M6 – An Irish Party in Third Class;

480 – Fate of the Gods;

M5 – Star Wars;

M8 – Rippling Watercolors

481 – Summer in Central Park (rhythm at 84 is muddy);

M7 – Welcome to the Jungle

Have a great weekend!!