Announcements and Music for Mar 28th


A few motherhood announcements:

As I mentioned at the beginning of our season, our rehearsal room no longer has enough music stands for the size of our band. If you know you are going to arrive just before our start time, please bring your own music stand. We currently have a good working relationship with both music teachers at St Pete’s. Several “Hamilton” music stands were borrowed from the Junior Band room last night and not returned. We should not and do not have permission to be borrowing anything from the Junior Band room except for the Xylophone or Marimba.

I’ve also asked everyone earlier in the year to please store your instrument cases out of our limited walkways. For both our Librarian’s sake and ease of going and returning from our break, do not store your cases beside, behind or in front of your rehearsal space. There is a small practice room near the entrance to our room along with space under the storage cupboards at the back and at the side of the room near the sink. If your instrument case does not fit under your seat, please be considerate to others in the band and store it in one of these locations out of the way.

Upcoming dates of interest:

May 16th – Senior’s Home Perley Vets
Jun 4th – Spring Concert (new)
Jun 6th – Senior’s Home Governor’s Walk
Jun 8th – Concert in Park, Navan
Jun 13th – Folder Night, Wind Up Social

Music for Mar 28th:

395 – The Old Grumbly Tuba

watch dynamics during solo, watch for affrettandos

253 – A Symphony of Sit-Coms arr Paul Jennings

344 – The Homefront arr James Christensen

491 – Tribute to Marvin Hamlich arr Michael Brown

461 – Crooner’s Serenade

422 – Eighties Flashback

276 – Parade of the Tall Ships by Jay Chattaway

last 3 bars

289 – You’ve Got a Friend in Me arr John Higgins

421 – Earth Wind and Fire Dance Mix arr Richard Saucedo

460 – Into The Joy of Spring

180 tempo for Winter’s Fury, 108 – Celebration of Joy; keep it light

347 – Swing’s The Thing

SP 5 – Serenade for a Picket Fence

492 – LOL by Robert Buckley

aiming for temp of 168

136 – One Finger Polka by Harold Walters
Dynamics and tempo increase on the Da Capo

Have a good week.