Announcements and Music for June 8th

I sincerely apologize for all the notices this week. I want to keep you upto date on the details for our performances while trying to minimize how many times I reach out to you. Not sure I succeeded this week…

June 8th – Concert in Park Under the Dome, Navan
Navan Centennial Park, use the parking lot between Navan Arena and Curling Club
1295 Colonial Road, Navan
Wear band shirts, black pants, black shoes. Bring music stands. bug spray, stand lights and close pins for your music.
Navan has arranged to move the concert indoors if it’s raining. Please arrive no later than 6:15 to help set up and then tune @ 6:45 with a Downbeat @ 7 pm. To the extent possible we will be using the same seating plan as our Spring Concert.

Please note that we’ve changed the order of our music and added 125 – O Canada; we removed the concert band version of this piece.

Music Order: **changed order**

125 – O Canada ** new **
9 – Canada Centennial
460 – Into the Joy of Spring
347 – Swings the Thing
276 – Tall Ships
136 – One Finger Polka
395 – Grumbly Bear
306 – Tony Bennett
461 – Crooners Serenade
492 – LOL
SP 2 – Hallelujah
491 – Marvin Hamlisch
289 – Friend in Me
421 – Earth Wind and Fire
422 – Eighties Flashback

June 13th – Folder Night and Wind Up Social at Broadway’s

June 23rd – Fadi’s end of the year BBQ, 5 PM, no need to RSVP if you fill out the following form including the number attending:

Links to our Spring Concert Performance:

Into the Joy of Spring James Swearingen

Swing’s the Thing Arr Warren Barker

The Water is Wide Rick Kirby

LOL Robert Buckley

Hallelujah Arr Michael Brown

One Finger Polka Harold Walters

The Old Grumbly Bear Arr Andrew Glover

HNIC Arr Howard Cable

You’ve Got a Friend in Me Arr John Higgins

A Tribute to Marvin Hamlish arr Michael Brown

Serenade on a Picket Fence Norman Leyden

Earth Wind and Fire Arr Richard Saucedo

Eighties Flashback arr Paul Murtha

See you Thursday!!