Announcements and Music for February 9th

As mentioned this week we’ve been invited back to participate in the Soundwaves Ottawa – Concert in the Park. Based on your feedback on Tuesday I’ve accepted their invitation and asked to perform at Jacques-Cartier Park on either May 29th or June 5th. I will keep you informed as the details fall into place.

After receiving and addressing your comments and questions, following our rehearsal on Tues your Executive voted in favour of moving our AGM to October of each year. We will hold a short AGM on June 14th along with our Folder Night this year to elect a new Vice President and to ensure we do not allow longer than a year to pass between consecutive meetings.

Our insurance coverage is the largest annual expense the band incurs. Our policy refers to an Inventory List on record with the company. Upon request the insurance agents could not locate this list. Talking with several past executive members we were able to track down several partial inventory lists that were very dated. Last week Anna, Rahim, Lisa and I were able to label, take pictures and create a new GCCB Inventory List of all of our equipment. Over the next several months we will circulate this list for your feedback and comments. If you know of an item that should be on this list please let us know. Please do not come to us with rumours of who may have equipment. If you think someone has an item that belongs to us, please reach out and ask him or her. At that point your Executive can follow up to ensure it’s returned and documented. My intent is to table this Inventory List at our fall AGM so that we have an accepted and documented list of what we own. Along with our music database, we can then ensure that we have adequate and appropriate insurance coverage.

Music and comments for Feb 9th:

480 – Fate of the Gods
Trombones work on 187 – 205

M5 – Star Wars
Cutting out section from 38 to 74 & 104 to 150 inclusive
Add Fermata end of bar 37 to allow for page turn

M8 – Rippling Watercolors
Play out moving parts

M7 – Welcome to the Jungle
Rhythm issues

M9 – Palladio
Flutes, French horns, Trumpets, Trombones upto 16

M6 – An Irish Party in Third Class

481 – Summer in Central Park;
work on rhythm @ 84,
work on rhythm @DS jump

331 – Hercules
58 – no fermata
136 – watch Fadi; don’t drag

479 – La Primitiva;
flute rhythm – more than first note,
147 – p and dynamics to end

Have a great weekend!