AGM, June 10, 2014


Gloucester Community Concert Band

AGM – June 10, 2014


Meeting called to order at 7:16 PM by Tyler Anderson


38 Members in attendance plus Lisa Concessi Maclean and Fadi Diab


  1. Kelley moved to approve 2013 agenda, Joanne seconded.


Sean moved to approve minutes from 2013, Kevin seconded.


  1. Presidents Report – Tyler Anderson


  • Stated his vision is to gain more exposure within the community; continue being an inclusive band, avoid a deficit

  • We have joined “”

  • New Spring Concert Format for 2015

3 options were proposed:

12 votes in favour of split concert

3 votes for playing alone

Playing with a choir – Majority Vote

  • Christmas Concert

2 options were proposed:

Mall concert

Church concert

Both – Majority Vote

  • Concert Sub-Committee’s should be considered

  • Continuing intermittent conducting with Lisa and Fadi

  • New Pieces

  • Charging more for tickets

  • Regular communication – Band emails weekly


Emails – Majority vote

Facebook or GCCB Website


  • Variety in roadshows

Kristen moved to approve the report Kim seconded


  1. VP Report – Pierre Desjardins


  • Pierre thanked everyone as this is his last year

Carolyn moved to approve the report, Tommy seconded


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Kristen Parlee



  • 404 Tickets were sold for Spring Concert

Tyler moved to accept finances subject to audit, Art seconded




  • President: Kevin

Moved by Mike, seconded by Tyler

  • Vice-President: Cindy

Moved by Annik, seconded by Joanne

  • Secretary: Anna

Moved by Art, seconded by Kelly


Section Leaders:


Flutes – Carolyn

Clarinets – Joanne

French Horns – Michelle

Low Brass – Jim

Saxophones – Steve

Percussion – Rahim

Trumpets – Shawn


Appointed Positions:


Librarian – Erin

Webmaster – Mike and Ana-Lee


Other Business


– ACTION (September) – Discussion on donations and tax receipts. Are they donations or mandatory? Jacquie Embleton will be approached on this issue by Kevin and Tyler.

– Rahim recorded our last concert and would like to put it on YouTube. He will put on YouTube as a private link.

– Kevin commented on an outdated Constitution and also he would like to use Jolenes thesis.


Motion to vote for executive to have the authority to determine the way ahead for GCCB dues vs donations, make a decision and then inform the band before the start of next season.


Moved by Kelly, seconded by Kristen, voted and passed.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM

Motioned by Joanne, seconded by Deborah