Announcements and Music for Apr 26th


With two rehearsals remaining till our Spring Concert may I please ask for all your help selling our tickets. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep our band running smoothly. We have asked everyone taking part in our concert to sell at least two tickets each. We made the effort to produce our tickets weeks in advance of our concert in order to provide all of you plenty of time to purchase them from any member of your executive. Asking all of our membership to help out by selling two tickets is not asking too much. Please make the effort to see one of us to purchase your tickets before our concert. Our list reflects that less than a third of those who will be at the concert have purchased tickets.

Anna created a great letter for the seniors homes that are not on our upcoming road show tour, inviting them to come out to our Spring Concert and offering their residents and staff free tickets. Today Anna and I met with their Activities Coordinators to introduce ourselves and drop off the letters and tickets. Anna is now working on a letter to organizations that we can partner with to increase our reach into the community; Orleans Legion, BFM Thrift Shop, two Orleans Libraries.

We only have two rehearsals remaining before our Spring Concert. Here are some important dates to remember and the music we will be working on:

Apr 24th – Small Ensemble performance at Orleans YMCA 2 – 4 pm;

May 1st – Small Ensemble performance at Community Pentecostal Church, Timings TBD, please see me next Tues if you are interested and available to take part.

May 7th – Spring Concert, Community Pentecostal Church, 2 pm;

May 10th – No rehearsal;

May 17th – Spring Road Show rehearsal;

May 24th – Senior’s Home performance, Chapel Hill ½ Band;

May 31st – Senior’s Home performance, Portobello ½ Band;

Jun 5th – Concert in the Park, Jacques Cartier Park, 2 pm

Jun 7th – Senior’s Home performance, Governor’s Walk, Full Band;

Jun 14th – Mini AGM and Folder Night.

Music for Apr 26th and Concert Order:

Fadi has asked that:

1. The 12 people playing in the Ensemble in Joining the Band try to learn the first few bars by heart so they feel comfortable walking to the front of the stage without looking at music; and

2. Go over some of the faster runs in Hercules to help that piece gel more.

Joining The Band;

331 – Hercules;

479 – La Primitiva

M9 – Palladio;

M6 – An Irish Party in Third Class;

480 – Fate of the Gods;

M5 – Star Wars;

M8 – Rippling Watercolors

481 – Summer in Central Park (rhythm at 84 is muddy);

M7 – Welcome to the Jungle

Have a great weekend!!