Announcements and Music for Feb 28th

Next week Sylvie will bring our tax receipts. If you won’t be at our rehearsal and would like your tax receipt emailed to you please let her know

I’ve included our music for the next two weeks. Please note that for March 7th there are some new charts that you should have a look at before our rehearsal.

Upcoming dates of interest:

Feb 28th – Shortened Sectional Rehearsal, Social at Broadways
Mar 14th – Spring Break, no rehearsal
May 16th – Senior’s Home Perley Vets
Jun 4th – Spring Concert (new)
Jun 6th – Senior’s Home Governor’s Walk
Jun 8th – Concert in Park, Navan
Jun 13th – Folder Night, Wind Up Social

Music and areas to work on for Feb 28st:

400 – Defying Gravity by Steven Reineke
bar 77-140

460 – Into The Joy of Spring
3rd movement staccatos

492 – LOL by Robert Buckley
161 – end

494 – Rush by Samuel Hazo

276 – Parade of the Tall Ships by Jay Chattaway
last 3 bars

347 – Swing’s The Thing
95 – end

493 – John William Swings arr Jay Bocook
1st song; 2nd if time

Music Heads Up for March 7th:

493 – John William Swings arr Jay Bocook
1st song; 2nd if time

494 – Rush by Samuel Hazo

9 – Canada – A Centennial Song

SP 1 – O Canada

SP 2 – Hallelujah


SP 5 – Serenade for a Picket Fence

461 – Crooner’s Serenade

395 – The Old Grumbly Bear

422 – Eighties Flashback

491 – Tribute to Marvin Hamlich arr Michael Brown

Have a great week!