Announcements, AGM Documents and Music for Sept 26th

Thank you to the sax section for taking the initiative and volunteering to look after returning our band room back to its original state after rehearsals until Christmas. It is sincerely appreciated.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held next Tuesday starting at 7:15 pm. I dont anticipate it lasting longer than an hour at which point we will have a short break and then continue with our regular rehearsal. Although most of you should have already received a copy, Ive enclosed to the weekly email our planned AGM agenda, the 3 x financial documents we intend to present and a copy of last years AGM Minutes for your review. If you have any significant concerns or questions please email me before the meeting so we may prepare an adequate response and provide it at the AGM. We plan to use the Smart board system in our band room so if youd like a hard copy of any of the documents for your use during the meeting, we invite you to print it out at home and bring it along to the meeting.

Dates of Interest:

Sept 26th: AGM and half rehearsal
Oct 3rd: Bandathon, 6:30 Downbeat with St Peters HS Senior Band in Cafetorium followed by Band Social at Broadways on Portobello. Please wear your Bandshirts and spread out amongst the students. Our intent is to connect with our community and inspire our next generation of musicians! New members please see Carol if you need a shirt.
Dec 3rd: Fall Concert, 2 pm Downbeat

Music Links and Focus Areas:

SP6 NightFlight Swearingen

13 A Tribute to Glenn Miller arr Gass (Beginning to K)

224 Rolling Thunder arr Fillmore (Trio)

383 Genius of Ray Charles arr Brown

403 America arr Brown (All)

440 Three Celtic Dances Balmages (Reel)

445 The Great Locomotive Chase Smith

457 Buglers Holiday Edwards (Section 6-10)

480 Fate of the Gods Reineke (119-179 and Beginning to 179)

Have a great week!