Announcements and Music for Nov 22nd

We have confirmed École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges (EBD) for our Fall Concert on Dec 6th at 7:30 pm. I’ve sent out an updated poster for those who are able to print a copy to advertise our performance. If you haven’t had an opportunity to sign the band list that was circulated this week, please do so on Tuesday or contact your Section Leader to confirm if you will be at the performance and the spelling of your name for the concert program. John is still looking for several volunteers for our concert. If you or someone you know are able to help in one of the following areas, please contact John ( as soon as possible:

a. pick up flowers for door prizes;
b. sell and collect tickets at front door Dec 6th; and
c. help with Food Drive table Dec 6th.

The volunteers will get a free ticket to our concert!

Dates of interest:

Dec 6th – Fall Concert. Bring Music Stands, Wear Band Shirts, Black Shoes, Black Pants
5:30 – Doors Open for Set Up
6:30 – Please be seated ready to tune and warm up as band
7:00 – Doors to auditorium open
7:30 – Downbeat
9:30 – Percussion returned to music room, stage clear, doors locked behind us.

Dec 13th, 20th – Seniors Homes, half band
May 7th – Spring Concert
Jun 8th – Music in the Park, Navan

Focus areas for Nov 22nd:

The choir will be joining us at 7:45 this week to go over Walking to the Sky.

Please focus on the Fire movement in Elements, Ignition, Mad Russian Christmas and Fireflies.

Ignition PLEASE TRY TO PRACTICE PLAYING AT 168 TEMPO, listen to link and try playing along with recording

486 – O Christmas Tree

478 – Elements Please practice Fire sections 25 – 36

Wistful Prayer

Mad Russian Christmas Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes please practice 17-31

484 – Bright Sunny Days

Danse Bohemian

482 – Walking to the Sky

488 – Bare Necessities

Nearer My God to Thee

A Christmas Tale:

See you all on Tuesday!